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By selena03 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. selena03
    I am a very new person when it comes to Chickens and what they are. I have actually wanted to get on here to find out some new things about chickens that i never knew before. I have now 1 rooster and 1 hen that are crowing/laying eggs. I have 3 younger chickens which i have no clue which is which because of them still being young. And i have chicks that are inbetween 3 weeks-6 weeks old. They are Frizzle, Silky, and White leghorn/speckle. If i have more then 2 roosters, which i know i do, i am going to sell them. I am not selling my rooster which is a Speckle. I am definitely not selling any of the hens. I know i have one rooster that may be Silky, and if thats the case, then im gonna keep him and get rid of the rest. But other then that, i am a chicken lover, they have their own personalities and love it.

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