Here is the North side of the coop with the smaller caged run and the yard run. The yard run was put up after a summer of the chickens taring up the grass in the back yard.

This is the south side with the window I added to the storage shed. Notice the egg door I added.

Just 3 nest boxes but all the birds seem to lay in the right one.

East view with my ice fishing sled hanging out of the way. The chickens don't seem to mind.

Here is the east view. As you can see we have viewing chairs where I talk and give treats from. You know you have to give pep talks when the egg production slows.
Following are a few pictures of the inside.




All the exterior wall where built. I insulated them along with the ceiling. I built the floor, added insulation and covered it with 3/4 plywood. The dog crate is for the young chickens to hide in when the big girls are around to bully them.
The pipe feeder is accessable from inside the storage barn for filling.


Here you can see the brooder for the 5 weeks olds waiting to go into the coop. All is temporary as it will be removed after they are moved to the coop.
The enclosed coop is 8x8 with a 8x8 covered run. The screened in cage along with the yard run is 30x 110.
I have about $200 invested in lumber and fencing. Just my simple ideas and it seems to keep the girls warm and happy.