13:06:28 2011-09-13

Its been forever since ive written... let see, so much has happened.. let me start by listing the chickens I have as of now.
1st flock - 25 weeks
Jett- Barred Holland ( will be ordering 20 more this spring of this breed.. by far my favorite ) laying nice size white eggs.
Tillie- Dark Brahma started and laid 2 eggs now stopped? dont know why?
Jezable - Darl Brahma. still no eggs.. she is leader of the flock
Twin - white leghorn she lays daily white egg
Tippie- barred rock laying off and on.
Elsea - barred rock laying off and on.

Sookie - EE 21wks old. not laying yet
Uncle daddy EE roo. 18 wks not crowing yet
Golden EE 21 wks not laying yet
Midas - Golden barred Large fowl Cochin aprx 12 weeks

Gloria - 16wks I think she is a Austrlorp
Ronnie - _ true Ameracauna black pullet 16wks

went to a chicken swap 2 irmo SC and bought mom 4 bobble heads..
black with white crest polish aprox 15 weeks not laying yet boys are crowing
2 roos

the donald
2 pullets


Then I was suposed to get 4 EE hens ( I know better now.. the lady knew what I needed and she still sold me EE roos. 3 of them were Roos) they had mites and are rail skinny so working on getting their weight up and them healthy again.. I have no idea how old they are but I am going with late spring and will put them with Gloria on age and say 16weeks none of them crow. chickenstock aug 27th
Maximus white with red on wings and blue in tail, very handsome.
Darcy- red and blue with some black
Earl- the total crack up great personality silver and blk/wht
Rita- Red EE very sweet and timid not laying yet

then the ptyradactiles - 5 weeks old bought at chickenstock aug 27th
4 . blue jersy Giants.
Ultra- blue pullet
Azul - blue roo
pochauntas - blue pullet
no name yet blue pullet/ poss roo?

2 5wkslavendar Wayndotte
pullet - no names yet.

won at the chickenstock.
Bennie - aprox 12=15 wks old barred rock Roo
Lucy- won at chickenstock aprox 12-15 wks old suposed to be a barred rock but she is a dominique.. the man honestly didn't know the differece, he had been giving the 2 eggs and hatched them with his silkies he didnt even know if they would hatch.
- won at chickenstockBronze backed Bantams
Lincoln - roo aprox12 wks
Penny - apox 12 wks
Henna - aprx 12 weeks

I am going this weekend to Susanne in greenwood to pick up 2 cochin hens for midas and 3 EE laying hens..

then last but not least.. we are doing the broiler project at 4-h.. we had 20 the first day one developed wry neck. nerological due to parents poor nutrietion. and euthinized it.. so we have 19 cornish cross broilers we picked them up sept 1st and will deliver them to be proccessed on Oct 19th .