Serama And Silkie Mini Flock

By tinychicky · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    finally I'm starting to focus in on my favorite breed: seramas! i now have a mini flock of four i house with my two silkies. they are good together because the docile silkies won't pick on the smaller seramas, and the seramas will have big, fluffy chickens to huddle up against in the cold wheather! not to mention the silkies will make great brooders of many tiny serama eggs.

    the seramas:

    i guess i should start off with the oldest: Pamela is my one pet quality only girl. she was my first serama. i got her at about six months old at the 2011 northeastern poultry congress in mid-January from another byc member. she's a class D, pet-type, American style serama. her color is what i call undermarked silver quail she is the average one of the group, never overly friendly but always willing to come for treats!

    my second serama was a traditional style, class B, quail-colored pullet i got at a tsc swap from a breeder, also a byc member. she had been a cull because of her slightly crossed beak. as she grew her beak grew straight, making me think it was not genetic, but an incubation mishap. she has several names: officially it is renestra, but she's also called renna, rinna, rinn, renn, and rinna-girl. her best buddy is kody the partridge silkie. as soon as they met they loved each other. the silkie (the same age as renn is) immediately adopted her, calling her over to food and keeping her warm at night. rinna is still very reliant on kody even now at six months old. someday kody will make a great broody for renn's chicks!

    Larkin is my last serama pullet. I'm guessing she is around 9 months old and i recently got her and my rooster (see below), angel, from Jerry schexnayder, the top serama breeder in America. she probably has the nicest type of all my hens although i with she would have a better auto-pose like rinna does. when she does stand she looks great! she is a class C traditional-style 'blue marked splash duckwing' serama.

    My cockerel is currently named Angel. i say currently because i haven't quite decided on a name yet! he has a very sweet personality and if I'm sitting on the ground with him he'll jump onto my shoulder and settle down under my hair! he is also a class C traditional-style and probably about seven months old. i call his color splash Pyle. he has nice wing set and tail and his legs have a good thickness to them but his breast isn't as prominent as I'd hoped for and his comb is not as nice as I'd like it. when they're old enough I'll breed him to renn as she has a nice full breast and excellent head/comb/wattles/earlobes/eyes but her legs are a little fine and her wings aren't as vertical as they should be. I'll breed their best cockerel to larkin to improve on overall type of the pullet chicks in particular.

    The silkies:
    Kody is my partridge girl from mypetchicken hatchery. she's is about six months and started laying very early for a silkie at around five months! she's sweet and active and best friends with renna. she's starting to go broody at the moment...there's a silkie for you :th

    My white girl is Marie. she's super docile. she made a good surrogate mom at just four months to five chicks who's broody had rejected them. at seven months now she's laid only a few eggs now and then. she came from a chicken swap at a TCS from a byc member. she would be SQ but she has two toes that are grown together with too much webbing between them and a sixth toenail on one foot.

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