Serama - Straight Feathered, Silkied, Frizzled, Sizzled, Booted Created by smoothmule
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Serama are the smallest chickens and come in every color known and then some. They come from Malaysia where type, temperament, and size are considered more important than color. Some American breeders have adopted this philosophy and call their birds Traditional Serama, and these birds may have any combo of genes and therefore appear in unique colors rarely seen in any other breed. Other breeders have or are in the process of color breeding them so that they 'breed true'. These are known as American Serama and the white variety was APA and ABA approved in early 2011. Seramas may be shown like other exhibition breeds, but they are also shown and judged "Table Top" in which they are not only judged on the type and personality. Seramas are the ultimate pet chicken as they have super friendly temperaments, only eat a pound of feed a month, and the sweet, never aggressive roosters crow about 1/3 as loudly as other roosters. Visit for more information and the history of this remarkable breed.




Description / Information

Dovey, a Serama hen​


Frizzled Serama chick, chocolate mottled​


Mick, a black Silkied Serama​


Chocolate Serama chick​


T-Roo, a young Serama Rooster​