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Seramasweeties Page

By SeramaSweetie · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. SeramaSweetie

    I'm A Proud
    !!!BYC ADDICT!!!

    (to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree")
    Oh BYC, Oh BYC,
    Your Chicken Addicts salute you.
    We spend all day posting on your forums,
    And make ourselves go CUCKOO!
    Everyday and every night,
    We talk and talk,
    And sometimes start chicken-fights.
    We chat until we lose our heads,
    We can hardly get off to go to bed.
    Oh BYC, Oh BYC,
    Your Chicken Addicts salute you...


    Say "Hello" to my little friend!

    Copyright 2009© BackYardChickens: SeramaSweetie

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