Serendipity Farm
This is our coop, built this summer by my incredibly handy and extraordinarily tolerant husband


Here are some of our residents:

More pages will be added with additional pics when I find the time...
This is Samurai (aka Sammy), Mille Fleur bantam cochin roo (from Funky Feather Farm, here on BYC) and some of his favorite ladies.
Reba (Partridge Cochin), Violet (Blue Cochin), Fiona (Light Brahma), & Penelope (Buff Orpington) all came from MyPetChicken in April 2010.
Shortly after their arrival, I picked up Ursula (White Silkie hen) at a local "Chick Day".

Ursula hatched out a single chick by Sammy in August 2010. This is Marley.

And here's Marley a couple months later. I'm pretty sure she's a pullet, and am considering hatching out a few more of these babies in the future. They make a darn cute cross!

Callie & Millie (Calico/Mille Fleur hens from Funky Feathers).
They came with Sammy and I am looking forward to some babies out of these girls in the spring. Millie has already shown great potential as a mom, taking care of Marley since Ursula had to be separated from the flock. This is their coloring when they arrived this summer. They have changed alot since then and show some great potential as MFC project breeding birds! (Updated pics of these lovely ladies are now on the MFC Project page)

Little Joe is our #2 roo. He's a Splash bantam cochin, also from Funky Feathers. He and 3 splash girls arrived with the MFC's in June 2010.

And a pic of the whole gang! One big happy family!!!

I'll be updating as I get new pics and as time allows, so be sure to visit again!!!