Ive live in a small village in Cornwall Uk. Beautiful place, Great people, good surf (not that Im any good)!
I have four children Elle 12, Gracie 6, Bill 4 and Sidney 2. They are good kids that thankfully share my aminal interest.
My addiction to chooks started with wanting eggs that I knew had been looked after. There wasn't alot of local choice so I now order in different breeds/colours to raise and sell on as a hobbie. Its so amazing.
My DH is a keen fisherman, snooker player, socialiser and at times has been partial to golfing, surfing anf pool. So at home with the kids I got board, found this website and my hobby began!!
I also run a breast feeding support group in our rural village and voluneer within my community.
I love freebies so I forage for food hence Im always making jams, jellies, pies and alcohol!