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  1. SewChaos
    A Bit About Me:
    I live with my husband, three kids, one puppy and a flock of chickens on our little slice of heaven in the Willamette valley. In my spare time (ha!) I collect roses and quilt. Not old lady quilting...modern quilting.

    It started in February 2012 with an order for a box of assorted chicks. By March I had picked up ten (or so) local feed-store chicks and had a coop and fenced yard for them all. By they time they started laying I had sold some, weeded out some roos, and was thoroughly enjoying them all. Once the rains started and they were spending more time in the coop, I sold off more of the layers, the ones my kids weren't attached to and the lazy layers.

    Like most newbies I bought hatchery birds to start with, and am now being a bit more selective in the birds I add.

    I built an incubator from an ice chest just to see if I could do it. I did it. That was pretty much it. I think I'm now addicted to hatching eggs. I'm turning the homemade bator into a hatcher and going to use a store bought foam bator with an auto turner for the first 18 days.

    Jumping into the world of shipped hatching eggs when I have a bit of extra money. (as a single-income family, it doesn't happen often.) I'm working on adding breeding and grow-out pens, slowly, so my Mr. doesn't grumble at the chickens taking over the world.

    My goal is a dozen of eggs in a rainbow of colors - from prolific, friendly layers, that lay all year.

    On top of that, I'm fascinated by the Cream Legbar, Rhodebar, and Isbars. Since there is no way in heck I can afford those chicks or even eggs, I'm drooling over them and sighing wistfully.

    Currently I have a mixed backyard flock, 9 hens and 2 roos.

    My Backyard Egg Flock:


    An Easter Egger "Chewbacca" A Bantam Buff Colombian Wyandotte: "Deuce"
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A Black Copper Marans A Dominique "ZeeBee"
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A Delaware A Splash Easter Egger "Sunny"
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1 Rhode Island White 1 Bantam Buttercup "Cheetah"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1 White Leghorn "Lily"
    1 Blue Easter Egger "Izzy"
    1 Rhode Island Red

    Chicks I've hatched myself

    So far, just two -
    An Easter Egger / Leghorn Cross & An Easter Egger / Rhode Island White Cross
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  1. SewChaos
    Thanks for the welcome!! I found the PP/Hatching Egg Swap....that's rather addicting! I really want my rainbow egg flock to lay all year, which makes it doubly hard to find hens!
  2. canesisters
    Lovely 'howdy-do'. Happy to meet you.
    I'm in sort of the same boat. I've only got space for 4-6 more so I'm being selective and trying to pick breeds that will give me that elusive rainbow egg basket. My easter egger from this spring is laying dark brown eggs instead of the promised green. I'm thinking that I might try to hatch a couple from her and my marans roo - going for the REALLY dark brown. I've got 2 sussex that lay lovely creamy pink eggs and 2 wynadottes that lay nice brown ones. If only I can get some green and blue ones...... <drool>
    You might try haunting the egg traiding threads. Every so often someone will start one where a bunch of eggs are offered and the first person to claim them gets them - and then offers their own bunch to be claimed. A good way to get some 'free' eggs....
    Best of luck to you.

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