Greetings! I'm Rahel.
Here is some information about me, ripe for the stalking- I mean talking! ...Yeah.

General Information
I was born in the distant year 1996.
Education: I'm taking community college with an undecided major. After I choose a major and take 2 years, I'm going to a university.
Gender: Tri

Nerd/Geek Status: I have earned the title of Uber Geek/Nerd, what with my obsessive tendencies and social ineptitude.
Social Status/Presence: Pretty lame. I work Sat/Sun at my local library and my coworkers like me. I have a few friends and people seem to like me. Despite this, I have a hard time maintaining a social presence online or offline and I often disappear for weeks/months on end.
Hobbies: I like writing- mostly fanfiction, but I have started working on a few novels, most of which have since been abandoned.
I love raising chickens, but it's difficult to do when you live in an a suburban neighborhood most of the time.
I like planning elaborate things, but then I procrastinate until that thing is no longer relevant. This, coupled with the fact that I am quite cowardly, is often disastrous.
Religion: I am a solitary Wiccan, which means that I believe that all of nature is sacred and that the universe is always working to maintain balance. I also believe that I can help with this balance by being a kind person. I do not sacrifice babies. ...Or anything else. I do not worship (or believe in) the devil.
I'm mostly eclectic, but I follow some Celtic traditions. (If you'd like to know more about this, go to my page here: Lady Elk)
I respect and uphold the right for anyone to practice their religion openly without fear of persecution as long as they harm none, including themselves.

More Information (What, that wasn't enough?)
Asperger's Syndrome: I have asperger's syndrome, which is a genetic neurological issue that makes it hard for me to interpret social cues or form relationships. I also have severe anxiety and an aversion to touch. ...I also can't tie my shoelaces. Luckily, asperger's syndrome has given me some advantages over life, such as better focus (aka: obsessive tendencies), an interest in science and linguistics, and the ability to look at situations with scientific objectively.
Sexuality: I am bisexual, which means that I would be happy to fall in love with, marry, and adopt children with either a man or a woman. I'm not an overtly sexual person and I'm more attracted to intelligence than physical aspects. I would love to be in a stable monogamous relationship one day, but (due to my atrocious social skills) I will probably be alone for a very long while.