The intended purpose of this collection of photos is to help people trying to determine the sex of their chicks. One of the best sources of information I've found is photos of chicks of the same breed at a similar age to those I've been trying to sex, and (obviously) of known gender. However, for most breeds, such photos are scattered throughout the internet, and even finding the relevant photos contained in a single site like BYC can be prohibitively time-consuming. So, my grand idea is to put together a bunch of helpful photos for as many breeds as I can. Progress is fairly slow at the moment, because I am having to find most of the relevant photos myself. However, the idea is that this resource will eventually get to the stage where people can add their own photos, and even create their own categories. In the meantime, if you have photos of chicks of known age and gender that you think might be useful, please let me know. If the breed is already listed below then I'll add your photos to the mix. If it isn't, then I will create a new category for your breed. If you don't have photos but you do have chicks and a camera, take pictures of them and keep tabs on who's who, so that when the gender of your chicks finally becomes apparent you can label the photos appropriately and add them to this collection! Meanwhile, I hope that this collection may be helpful to some of you!

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Autosexing breeds
Cream Legbar

Other breeds
Light Sussex


Hybrids and "mutts"
Easter Egger