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Sexing Pullets and cockerels.

  1. sassysarah123
    I always see threads asking if they have a pullet or a cockerel, so I thought I could start a article on sexing, Mostly pullets and cockerels. Here is a very helpful pic.
    Barred Rock.
    Pullet on left with smaller comb and darker color. Cockeral on the right, with more white than pullet, and larger comb and wattles.
    Mostly what you would look at are the comb and wattles. The comb on a cockerel are always much larger and more pinkish red. A pullet has a small comb mostly, Unless the breed has a super large comb, like leghorns for example. Also a pullets comb is a orange color unlike cockerels. Mostly pullets and cockerels are the same color, so you can't really go off that. Sexlinks are different colors though.

    Red stars links you can sex at hatch.
    Females are red, males are white. thumb_large_popup_2169.jpg
    The yellowish white chicks are males, the red chicks are females.

    Buff Orpington Pullet. Small comb, no sign of red in comb. 700W7XUROCB.jpg
    Buff Orpington cockerel. Large comb, Pinkish red comb.

    Wing sexing one day old chicks. 927109899d7793ee2d1bf6318882ea12.jpg This is really the only way to sex one day old chicks.

    This is a RIR cockerel.
    This is a RIR pullet.
    Also her is a very helpful video!


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  1. TheBirdLady2001
    Five Stars! Great article :) includes everything I needed to know. Very helpful if you are starting to get into chickens!
      Hybridchucks and sassysarah123 like this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Thank you very much!!!
  2. Katrina89
    I gave this 5 stars because it's so helpful for someone like me, that's new to chickens... :)
      sassysarah123 and Hybridchucks like this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Awe! Thank you very much!!
  3. TheKindaFarmGal
    Wing sexing is not the only way to sex day old chicks and can only be done when the parents have the correct genetics.
      aart and sassysarah123 like this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Ok, thanks....;)
      Hybridchucks likes this.
    2. Hybridchucks
      I didn't know the till a couple of weeks ago @sassysarah123 ! So annoying u just can't just tell the gender by development of wing feathers! Grrr
      sassysarah123 likes this.
  4. Hybridchucks
    welcome!!!!! xx
      sassysarah123 likes this.
  5. Hybridchucks
    I RATED 5 STARS!!!!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Thank you so much!
      Hybridchucks likes this.
  6. Hybridchucks
    VERY HELPFUL!!!!!!!:eek::thumbsup:celebrate:woot
      sassysarah123 likes this.
  7. Lauren Kim
    So helpful!!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Thanks!! I love sexing chickens!
  8. Whittni
    Good job!
      sassysarah123 and kelleowen like this.
    1. sassysarah123
  9. sassysarah123
    Talk to you tomorrow!:thumbsup
  10. sassysarah123
    You're very welcome!

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