Shabby Chic Coop for our Silkies!

By kfisher123 · Aug 2, 2016 · ·
  1. kfisher123
    My husband is a General Contractor so he built the outside of our coop to match our house. The little coop inside was their original home so this is big upgrade for them!


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  1. Stumpy
    So pretty!
  2. Rosey516
    Omg! I love this coop!! So creative
  3. featherweightmn
  4. peastix
    Very sweet!
  5. peastix
  6. TwinsLoveChicks
    Very nice coop! :)
  7. Chipper Chicken
    Swanky! If you find the ramp is too steep, perhaps a block under the end would help. Very nice coop.
  8. Whittni
    Pretty cute!

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