Shaggy's Texas Jail Coop

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  1. shaggy151
    Shaggy.jpg Shaggy.jpg I had built a 4x4 coop during the Christmas holidays for my bantam Cochins and soon thereafter I was making plans for a new, bigger coop. At first I drew up plans for a 8'x4' coop but modified that design to a 8'x6' with an attached 12'x10' run. All of the exterior is hardwood pallet wood as well is the frame of the legs and floor. I added a 6 stall external nesting box that's accessible from the outside.

    I framed it up in my shop then put it on my trailer
    Nesting box and front added.

    Started adding the siding (pallet wood).

    The external nesting box.

    The chicken door can be raised from outside.

    Top will have plexi-glass window and just under that will be vents with hardware mesh on inside and shutter on outside.

    Side shutters from inside.

    Have the holes dug for the run.

    Just about finished. Added some river sand inside of the run which help rain to drain and chckens can have their dirt baths too.

    The bottom of the coop is covered in poultry wire and it provides a good shade.

    The side shutters while closed.

    About finished. All that's left is to add rock around the perimeter to prevent predators from digging in.
    My young flock consist of the following:
    2 - Americana pullets
    6 - Cuckoo Maran pullets
    5 - gold sex link pullets
    1 - Rhode Island Red Rooster

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  1. 3-Bearss
    Love the look of the Jail and that it's a pallet project :thumbsup
  2. mustangrooster
    It looks great! Good job. Also looks like some nice weather over there!

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