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    Canned goods:(limited stock)

    Peach pie moonshine, Apple pie moonshine, Cherry pie moonshine, lemon drop moonshine, and orange creamsicle shine [​IMG] Venison with potato and onion. Hickory syrup, Spiced peaches,

    apple butter, apple sauce, spiced peaches, Dilled garlic peppers, hickory syrup,

    half pints-
    peach jam, peach jelly, wild violet jelly, red raspberry jelly, hickory syrup, dilled garlic peppers, dandelion jelly, pickled wild ramps

    Hand made items
    (can make to your specs)

    paracord bracelets with or without metal charms [​IMG]
    paracord gunslings, paracord archery wrist sling with leather,

    Crochet baby sets-hat and booties
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    crochet character hats-child or adult(about 30 different characters so far)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    knitted ear warmers that button in back. with or without flower
    crochet or knitted scarves, shawls, poncho

    Foraged items fresh from the woods of WV and dehydrated or preserved(limited stock until spring) White oyster mushrooms-dried golden Chanterelle mushrooms- dried [​IMG] turkey tail mushrooms-dried (for tea) chicken of the woods mushroom(dried) Hen of the woods mushroom (dried) [​IMG] Red Raspberries (dried or canned) [​IMG] blackberries (dried or canned) Butternuts(white walnuts) Black walnuts Hickory nuts Hazelnuts Paw Paw tree seeds Persimmon tree seeds Chesnuts (only in season, I don't preserve them but can ship fresh in season) Wild peppermint extract (works great in candy) Wild Ginger (dried or candied) wild garlic Black Walnut tincture (so many medical uses to list-please google it) Dandelion salve Deer Jerky Fertile EGGS Duck- Khaki Campbell drake over Crested blue swedish ducks until mid summer Pure BBS swedish including crested (not until mid summer) [​IMG] [​IMG] Chickens-They all free range together but can be put in breeding pens with enough notice Buff Orpinton Silver Laced Wyandotte Olive Egger (FBCM x Easter egger- F2) Easter Eggers (labeled as Amerucana but I don't think they are purebred) Buff Silkies Barnyard mix (light Brahma, slw, rir, and several unknown) ODDS AND ENDS Vintage blue mason jars, hand blown with original rubber gasket and aluminum lid. 1/2 Gallon size. [​IMG] Vintage clear mason jars, molded with original rubber gasket and aluminum lid. 1/2 Gallon size

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