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By sharron · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. sharron
    hi, still getting the hang of this, so please be patient with me. now that said, my husband and i have 5 acres with about three in pasture, we raise hair sheep,(so nice not to have to shear) a mother and daughter llama, a pot belly sow, sally, a french bulldog, sadie mae, a schipperke, buddy, a bunch of barn cats and the main reason i joined byc's, my black copper marans and standard gold lace cochins, just bought a pair of lemon blue bantam cochins, had long enough to set and hatch some chicks(biddys) hoping to hatch some mille fleur cochins, just had eggs shipped in and they're in the bator.
    we have one adult son but my animals are also my children and i love them each and all.

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