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Shaylabaileys Member Page

By shaylabailey · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. shaylabailey
    : ShaylaName
    : 15Age
    : Rhode Island, USALocated

    I am the proud mother of 6 ducks as of June 2, 2011. My flock (at the moment) consists of 2 Welsh Harlequins, 2 Indian Runners, 1 Black Swedish, and 1 Crested Pekin. They've now grown in all of their feathers and enjoy puddle stomping most every day. They're still skittish but I'm hoping to improve upon that.
    Welsh Harlequin female: Loretta
    Welsh Harlequin male: Leonardo
    Runner male: Pinto
    Runner female: Lenor
    Black Swedish male: Hagrid
    Crested Pekin male: Ferdinand


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