Welcome to my page.
Here you can learn a little bit about myself, and my venture into poultry.

Currently we have a "backyard" flock. Nothing special, just a mix of breeds that we enjoy and use for eggs. We have Silkies in various colors: White, Splash, Blue and Black. We have Phoenix, Sumatra, and Sex-links as well. Our flock is primarly free range. They are left out at dawn, and come back in around dusk.

Other then our chickens, we also have a breeding pair of India Blue Pied peafowl- Eroh's and Jade. They share their pen with 4 Mallard Drakes, 1 Mallard Hen, and 3 Muscovy hens.

We also have 3 horses: Handsome a 10 year old retired thoroughbred, Lady 18 year old Tennessee Walking Horse, and Bella 1.5 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. 3 Goats: Bert, a mixed breed rescue. Annabelle and Loula-Belle the fainting goats.

I am also a breeder of show quality chinchillas.

We have our hands full, but I wouldn't take it any other way! Check back as I figure out how do more with my page!