Shed to coop(work in progress)

By wingedshade · Apr 3, 2016 ·
  1. wingedshade
    So it begins!

    I bought this shed at an auction held by the Ft Greely recycling program for about $500. I ended up paying about $600 to get it to my house, most of that was due to a lack f foresight on my part and I needed my brothers to think up and whip together a means to get it off the trailer intact. On the spot! I think it would have been closer to $300 if we had been prepared.

    The drive managed to snake his giant truck through my yard and I got the shed in the general area that I wanted it. It's at a funny angle and if I can't push it into place when I rent the skid steer, I'll just have to work with it as is.

    It has two full size doors and one North facing window. I got a bunch of freebie windows, which I plan to install at least one of them into the south side of the building. The rest I hope to use to fix the greenhouse or perhaps use in future out buildings. It is also wired for electric with a beat up breaker box, outlets, light sockets and a switch.

    There is I giant pile of sticks where I plan to put the run. :/

    *to be continued

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