Sheilas Coop

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    Sheila's coop
    I thought I would show everyone my coop. It took a while to build. We used
    2 palettes for the base one 8x4 and one 4x4. I used left over logs to
    attach the corners, then covered it with wood from other palettes. The
    building is roughly framed with 2x4's my husband couldn't wait for more

    When more palettes arrived we used them to fill the space
    between the 2x4's, again leftover wood from other palettes were used to
    sheath the outside walls. We then used cedar shakes to cover the outside.
    I cut up styrofoam from packaging and I used it to stuff and insulate the
    walls. We then used wood from a waterbed and shelving to sheath and cover
    the styrofoam. Three windows were installed using salvaged lexan. The
    front window is a slider for increased ventilation.

    The roof has a mix of
    tar papper and banner material, and a sun roof from lexan. This make it
    easier to see inside. The roof was then shingled. The back part of the
    coop has a soffit for ventilation. Lastly the run is completely enclosed
    and coraplast was used to provide shade.
    There is a chicken door, and person door, inside has a hanging feeder and a plastic waterer, I haven't
    built the nest yet so we are currently using cardboard boxed for nests and
    the chickens are using them. The roost is made from 2 long log pools
    staggered in height.
    I am very proud to say 80% of the material used for
    the coop was reused and I stop it from going to the garbage. I even reused
    nails from the palettes as much as possible. This structure cost less then
    $180 including netting and fixtures. Thank you all for your ideas, I love the web site!


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  1. Anonymous
    "Intriguingly shaped coop! Nice re-purposing of"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 18, 2018
    materials Would have loved to read more about your design choices (like the angled back walls) and about the dimensions of your coop. Also, how's the ventilation?
  2. ronott1
    "Nice Article"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 18, 2018
    God coop Article


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  1. jonalisa
    Nice coop!
    Is there a door to clean it out?
  2. ChickInDelight
  3. Terri74
    If you live in an area with orchards the old picker boxes make great permanent nesting boxes! and are either free or less than a buck each.

    What did you recycle to make the siding?

    Very thrifty! I like that!
  4. Bananikaa
    That is a very good coop design!! Recycling the palletes was a very good idea. But, I think that using cardboard boxes for the nesting boxes, well . . . . you could probably do a bit better on!

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