Hello there, welcome to my BYC page.
I joined BYC because I wanted to learn from everyone, I realized it is really nice to belong to a group with common loves (i.e. our chickens), and everyone has so many stories, photos, experience, knowledge, advice, and so much more, and I knew I had to be part of this community. Thank you everyone.
I also decided to create my BYC Page, because I am so fond of taking great photos of my dogs (2 Airedale terriers) and of my chickens. Photography is my hobby, so is dog training and chicken raising, so why not combine all 3?
These pages were created to show my chickens off, because I just adore them, and I want this to be a record of my experiences with them, and how much I have learned from them, about caring for the food we eat.
My hens supply eggs and meat, and the roos provide meat for us too. The DH calls them yard birds, but I think to me, they are so much more. For one thing, we hand raise all of them in the house for the first 5 weeks of their lives, so they are all very tame, used to handling, and love to cuddle. My dogs also view them as our pack members, and fiercely protect them while they free range in the yard. Rummy especially loves his chicks the most. It is amazing and humbling to watch how he tenderly cares for them.
I have seperate pages for the different breeds, and also one just dedicated to chicks. One is dedicated to how we built our coop.

DH with Ebony, Ivory and a black Cochin bantam on his lap. He is stroking them lovingly.


Yours truly, Sheila, with Rummy (younger dale) and some of the chickies.