Welcome to a small page for our family's passion- Sugar Ridge Chicken Rescue. We have rescued unwanted, neglected, and injured chickens over the years, our most recent being the beloved Henny Penny. Please check the "Pictures & Stories" forum to keep updated on her, or look her up on Facebook. =)
Keep here to see our latest rescues!

PRETTY GIRL- Purchased as a Mother's Day gift by their young daughter and raised inside for a few months, they soon tried to introduce her to the other large, adult flock members and they would not accept her. They would peck her and chase her. They realized they could not keep her in the pen with the others, and we were called upon to take her. She soon befriended little man Pickles, and they are now, needless to say, boyfriend and girlfriend. =)
IN THE PICTURE: She is farthest to the front, and Pickles is off to the right.

IN MEMORY: The 7 other chicks rescued with Gloria, a hen pictured later on below. They passed away due to a range of complications from their birth and early raising in the factory farm.
HENNY PENNY- Attacked severely by a dog in June 2011 and brought home on July 4th.

PICKLES- Rescued due to being "unwanted"

GLORIA- This sweet hen has far outlived the average factory farm broiler, brought to us over FOUR amazing years ago.

BISCUIT- Illegally within city limits due to the fact he was not in an enclosure and running nearly feral, he was adopted. While still very unsocial, he has become a part of our rescue family.