Sherry's Crazy Chicken Farm

I started like most chicken fanciers with a simple laying flock. I then fell in love and wanted more and more chickens. For the past year I have started to build more breeding pens, hatch breeders and get organized for Spring 2011 and did I mention build more pens?
Some of my favorite breeds are cochins, frizzles, both standard and bantam and polish. I really want to get some frizzled polish. I will add some pictures of our animals.

Today I got 2 Sebbies! Here is a pic!

As of 12-17-10 I have these birds;
2 Sebastopol Geese, white with curly breasts
16 Inidan runner ducks; buff/white, blue, black and chocolate.
30 various laying hens including mottled javas, andalusians, golden and silver wyandottes, cuckoo marans, easter eggers, black australorps, barred rocks, black sexlinks, golden laced seabright and a few mutts.
17 silkies; 3 black, 4 white, 9 blue and 1 buff
Crested polish; 3 golden laced, 1 buff laced and 8 silver laced
1 Mottled houdan
Lots of Cochins(some frizzled, some straight feathered); blue, red, barred, black, calico, partridge, mottled and white
6 Sicilian buttercups; 1 frizzled roo, 1 straight feathered roo and 4 girls
7 Giant cochins; blue, black (1 frizzled) and splash.
22 Buff Orpingtons
I have several more in the brooder who I haven't decided to keep yet or not.
I also have 45 silkie eggs, 5 cuckoo marans and 29 giant cochin eggs in the bator! Happy hatching!