Shipping Pallet Brooder

By MacGuyver · May 23, 2012 · Updated Jun 25, 2012 · ·
  1. MacGuyver
    I built a new brooder to go in my sunroom.


    Our neighbors did a bathroom remodel and decided to install a 6 ft. stained glass window. . . for some reason. They gave me their shipping pallet.


    I used it as an outdoor brooder last year, but it was kinda junky looking. Also, it was in no way predator proof.


    So, last weekend I took off the plastic junk, and covered it in 1/2" hardware cloth.


    I also built a table / stand for it and set up plastic sheeting to catch the poo. It rolls into the yellow bucket at the end, and I can just add it to the compost pile. No nasty bedding. It has three separate areas for chicks. The stands on top with my heat lamps are just medium langstroth supers.


    Update. I got sick of lifting off the tin to access the brooder, so I put more hardware cloth down and installed some doors that I made out of refrigerator shelves. Also the sloping plastic didn't work as well as I'd hoped to catch poo. Now I have this big blue tarp under there and it goes down into a receptacle in the middle. Seems to work much better.

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  1. sidetrack
    I have an in at the Dealer!! Mine started out as a No Till Over Seeder crate! I don't see a link for me to post a picture here, but I'll do that on my page.
  2. MacGuyver
    Oh, how did you score the crate? Do you have pictures? I'd love to see it.
  3. sidetrack
    Love it!! What a great idea!! My coop is made from a crate for a large piece of equipment that came into the John Deere dealer. Just need some roofing now and I'll be done!!

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