Nov. 13, 2011
Mirage is still sitting on her eggs. I build a broody pen inside the big coop last week, so she is comfy and safe. Chick(s) due Nov. 21st

Oct. 31, 2011~
The new Blue Partridge pullet has decided to go broody. *sigh* I only got 3 eggs of hers to hatch before she became unfertile and now she is sitting. I let her keep her egg which I'm 95% certain is not fertile, plus gave her a Brown Leghorn cross Barred Rock egg to hatch.
Oct. 10, 2011~
The Blue Partridge Showgirls have names - Mirage for the pullet and Mandalay for the cockerel. Yep, Las Vegas hotel names LOL I'm also naming the coop 'The Cluxor'.

Oct. 8, 2011~
Purchased a pair of Blue Partridge Showgirls from Legg Peafowl Farm. Mr Legg is famous for his work in poultry genetics and developed this color on his farm in Liberty, MO. My photos do not show the beauty of these birds. The blue is amazing with wheaten partridge tones, the pullet has a great topknot with black/blue/partridge all mixed in. Wish I could photograph them to show better. Hopefully once they know me they will cooperate better and I can 'pose' them. They are amazing and I feel blessed to have acquired them. Still debating what to name them.


Purchased 3 white Showgirl pullets and a white Silkie cockerel on Sept. 2, 2011. These are a birthday present for my daughter. She picked them out. The breeder also threw in a second cockerel that we discovered is partially blind. The little stinker is thriving so we are keeping him.
Showgirls/Silkies really are sweet birds. I wasn't too excited to have ornamental birds, but they have grown on me.

In preparation of my daughter giving a demonstration to her 4-H club we bathed 2 of the birds on Oct. 3, 2011.
Below are a few glamour shot afterward.

A still damp 'Birthday Girl'. This is my daughters favorite pullet. While bathing her I discovered a couple black feathers. Need to research if this means she could perhaps throw Splash offspring.


Little 'Kendell' all clean. He is pretty young, perhaps 3 months old. Developing a beautiful ear, hope he is worthy of breeding us some additional Showgirls and Silkies.

Birthday Girl and Kendell post bath. Had a hard time with feet and blood feathers on both of them.
They were very patient with my fumbling to clean them.


One more beauty shot. Both are still feathering out, can't wait to see how they look as adults.