The Silkie Chalet
After purchasing a few Silkies, I decided they needed a place of their own. They were getting along with the Standards, but the Standard Roo was a little big to be dancing with the little Silkie Hens. And of course since they are getting ther own house, build it bigger for a few more. I am going to add 1 or 2 bantams cochins to the group. The Silkie Chalet is mostly made from Free or throw away materials.
  • 3 ft. high at the tallest point
  • 39 inches wide
  • 4 ft. long
  • The base is a Wood Pallet (Free from local Ace Hardware Store)
  • The roof and walls are all studed out with 2X3 16 inches on center (Purchased)
  • The interior walls are made of plywood (Free from construction site)
  • The exterior walls are made of T1-11 (Purhcased) Front Wood Pallet Slats (Free)
  • The Roof plywood (Free from construction site) Shingles left over from house roof
  • The roof and all walls are insulated with R13 insulation (Purchased)
  • Windows made from Plexiglass (Free from local Ace Hardware Store)
  • Floor is covered with vinyl flooring for easy cleaning (Free from flooring company)
  • 2 nest boxes (1 Plactic Kitty Liter tub, 1 from wood scraps)
  • Inside 4 ft of perch (2 inche side up)
  • 1 Chicken Entrance
  • 1 Human Entrances for cleaning and feeding
  • On the Right End, there is screen near the roof for ventilation
The Front The Right Side (Window and Ventilation)
SilkieChaletFront.jpg Silkie_Chalet_Right.jpg
The Left Side (Chicken Entrance & Window) The Back
Silkie_Chalet_Left.jpg Silkie_Chalet_Back.jpg
Top View
February 9, 2008 - It is outside and in place with its occupants. They are allowed out to free range when I am home. I will be adding a run with cover soon.
FSilkie_Chalet_r.jpg FSilkie_Chalet_f.jpg
Silkie_Chalet_In_Place_2_WP.jpg Silkie_Chalet_Friends_WP.jpg
Helpful Hints to you - If you are thinking about building a chicken house, read through BYC I got a lot of ideas and gotchas to avoid by reading BYC. Don't be ashamed to go Dumpster diving. You can get a lot for free.