Silkie Chick Dying?

By ScavengerBird · May 17, 2019 · ·
  1. ScavengerBird
    I bought 5 Silkie chicks from Rural King May 1st, all have been fine, eating, drinking, playing, ect.

    However this one hasn't grown at all, and is now showing signs of heavy, opened beak breathing. I've given her egg yolks and electrolytes. She was eating fine but has now taken to just lying about like she's asleep, but will jerk awake almost violently. Her whole body will jolt, throwing her back like she's having a minute seizure.

    I'm assuming it's death throws.

    We've accepted she's very, very likely not going to make it. My main question is, could she be dying from disease, or could it be she's just internally messed up seeing as she's half the size of her same age siblings.....?

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