Silkie Feather Farm

By papita · Aug 5, 2012 · Updated Aug 5, 2012 · ·
  1. papita

    Describe 'Silkie Feather Farm' here

    Prefabbed sections in our garage, Very easy to assemble in the back yard. Did not have any written plans.




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  1. papita
    Thank you, The gable door opens to a loft to store hay and shavings. We used paneling for the walls. Its easy to wash down and we also installed a vinyl floor.
  2. celticgarden
    Also, what type of wood did you use for the inside walls? Thanks!
  3. celticgarden
    Sweet! Can you explain the use of the gable shuttered door? Ventilation? Did you put in a loft?
  4. judyki2004
    Very cute!
  5. Whittni
    It has nice curb, no lawn appeal :)
  6. Stumpy
    So nice!
  7. chicksbunsdog

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