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By Silkie Man · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for checking out my page, on here you will find some pics of my birds. The standard chicks were born around August 4th of '09 and I purchased the silkies as adolescents, but supposedly they are close in age. (pics are a tad bit outdated.) Anyway, I have 13 Golden Comet pullets that are quickly becoming hens (Buff sex-link of some sort). I found out that silkies existed shortly after buying my first hens, so I immediately had to have some and picked up 3 white hens, a white rooster named Steve, along with a black hen and a beautiful silver/red rooster. The silkies were introduced at an early age to the other hens and came from a large but-trying-to-shrink free-range silkie farm so they actually boss the bigger hens around. The comets came from which is a place I would definitely recommend for mail-order day old birds.

    Anyway, they all live in harmony in a pen previously for ~75 fryers attached as a run to a 5' x 8' dog pen with a 10 slot nest box on the ground (so the silkies can get into it easily.) They mainly chill on the roosts I made and put in the run. Location is northeastern Ohio, so I have the sides pretty well blocked up to fend off the wind and I run two 125w brooders full time since the birds are not fully grown. There are still dark areas in the pen for when it is time to sleep. The master plan in the works is a huge chicken tractor with some innovative design tweaks derived from a few houses posted here on BYC. I love this place almost as much as the birds! I'm working on getting the drawn plans scanned as well as fabricating a gravity-powered waterer out of some Little Giant 2525's.

    Check back for some interesting/innovative crap soon.

    Special thanks to: 13 Comets, 6 Silkies, and 1 girlfriend that puts up with my annoying hobbies. :)

    Thanks -Ben

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