Silkie Red

By chadrodeo05 · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. chadrodeo05

    red Created by chadrodeo05
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    sweet, very docile, likes 2 roost on floor of the coop





    Description / Information


    6 mon​
    buff pet silkie not show quality she doesn't have enough puff on her head​


    6 mon​
    red silkie he is becoming more show quality the older he gets​


    6 mon​
    white silkie she was a super sweet girl​

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  1. Chickengirl47
    I have seven White Silkie Bantam chicks! Silkie's are one of my favorite breeds!!!!!!!
  2. GWpoultymaster
    breeding silkies with other breeds doesnt turn out well...
  3. new2chicks74
    i'm going to get red silkies!!!
  4. FlogginRoosters
    My Silkie Rooster and my Australorp hens have eggs. I put some in the incubator to see what pops up!
  5. HenFriend
    Would like some more colours but not enough room. Found the more unusual colours expensive
  6. shelbysilkies
    I love silkies!

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