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Silkie Splash With White Base

  1. canyoncritters

    Splash with white base Created by canyoncritters
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    This color is amazing since you can hatch either a blue base, lavendar base or white base (pictured), the white base is my favorite, as it has the clearest splash markings with little or no muddying of the blue and white.





    Description / Information


    A younger white base splash cockerel with about 1/2 of his blue feathers grown in. This type of splash is hatched looking pure white and will gradually get more blue feathers in the pattern as it matures.​


    I believe this baby (on left) to be a white base splash, note the slight differences between this one and the chick on the right that was hatched from regular white silkie eggs. The chick on the left was hatched from splash to blue breeding.​

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