Silkie Tortoiseshell

By Windchyme · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Windchyme

    Tortoiseshell Created by Windchyme
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    This is a derivative of greys. They were first shown in 2007 at the PPBA show in Stockton, California. There is a light version and a dark version. Both have grey, black, white and red. The combination of colors is quite stunning in the sun. These are an AOV color.





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    Light version of tortoiseshell​

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  1. BuckNBark Farm
    Sorry- My name is Pam Pittman. Nice to meet you ;) Very pretty birds you have!
  2. BuckNBark Farm
    Hi- Is mine a tortoiseshell? This is his pic- haven't seen him in person, yet. My friend is giving him to me with 3 hens. She's moving. Anyway, he wasn't bred to be a Tortoiseshell, but someone suggested that it might be his color. I think he looks like one, but I haven't heard of that color Silkie until today, so I'm no expert :) Thanks!

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