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  1. SilkieSensation
    Items available for egg swap chains & side swaps:


    UPDATED 5/11/14

    4+ Ancona Duck


    15+ Coturnix quail, mix of jumbo & regular in assorted colors


    10+ Layer Assortment Chicken (EE & cream legbar roos over assorted hens, will produce EE, OE & other rainbow eggs)


    Complete Hen's Choice- This can include any of the breeds listed above in any of the other offers plus Call duck, Slate & Slate/Palm (Mottled) turkeys, Polish mixes, Silkie mixes, & EE Bantams- filled from whatever is available at time of ship, extras will be included but quantities will vary depending on the mix of breeds

    8-10 oz of Handmade Soap

    I make these to order. Most orders will be filled in 7-14 days. Each bar is individually made to order specifications. Colors will vary. Or you can request uncolored & it will be whatever the natural color of the component combination produces.

    Choose your Components:

    Base Soap
    Goat's Milk
    Three Butter (Cocoa, Shea & Mango)

    Bath Salt Base
    Dendritic Salt
    Baking Soda

    Chick in Egg (5 oz)
    Plain Rectangle (4 oz)
    Oval with raised Rooster (5 oz)
    Rectangle Honeycomb with Bees (4 oz)
    Heart (2 oz or 3 oz)
    Football (4 oz)
    Train cars (have not made & weighed yet)
    Christmas Village (have not made & weighed yet)
    Rectangle Mini Bars (aprox 2.0 oz)-2 of these count as 1 regular bar for a swap
    Guest bars (5 bars are about 2.5 oz) Shapes available: Flowers, Stars, Assorted Beach/Ocean, ghosts


    Fragrance-F OR Essential Oil-EO (the oil provides the fragrance)
    Creamy Coconut-F
    Honey Almond-F
    Cucumber Melon-F
    Country Apple-F
    Baby Powder-F
    Amazing Style-F
    Vanilla Lavender-F

    Watermelon Mania-F
    Orange, Cinnamon and Clove - EO & F Blend
    Berried Treasure-F
    Spring Green-F
    Warm Vanilla Sugar-F
    Cherry Vanilla-F
    Tea Tree-EO

    Natural Herb Fragrances (*These cannot be used in bath salts)
    Vanilla (can be combined with any of the other fragrances or used alone)
    Bay Leaves*
    Fantasy Fudge* (contains real cocoa powder & vanilla extract, makes brown lather but rinses clear)

    Additives (*This cannot be added to bath salts)

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  1. Penny Hen
    Silky I just wanted to report that the soap you made me is working wornderfully (goats milk, pumice, oatmeal, Tea Tree oil, Rosemary). I gave one bar to my mom who was having problems with eczema on her feet and ankles (she is diabetic). It cleared it right up. My beagle is looking so much better. Her hair is growing back in. Furthermore it seems to repel fleas and ticks. I was being bitten by no-see-ums one evening during chores and couldn't find where I had stashed the bug spray. I wet the bar and coated my legs with it and the attack stopped cold. So needless to say I will be reordering when I get down to my last bar. As an added bonus it really makes the dogs coat gleam.
  2. SilkieSensation
    Great! Glad you like it. Give me a week or 2 notice when you want more so I can make sure I have time to make it. :)

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