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By SillyYak · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    [FONT=terminal,monaco]Hello from sunny Bulgaria.
    [FONT=terminal,monaco]My name is Kaci Maleya, i'm 49, i'm English and emigrated to Bulgaria 4 years ago in July. I inherited my shack and land from my mother when she died in 2007. I play the bagpipes and have an interest in cosmology.
    I'm trying to raise chickens,turkeys and ducks for eggs and free range meat and i've become a 'mother' to 6 (so far) baby ducks. We also have 17 baby rabbits and 2 pigeon eggs ready to hatch any moment. 5 kittens arrived 2 days ago !!! I'm loving the farm life on my deka of land and hope to open a 'farm' shop in my village as there are no shops here. Will take some photos of my cute babies and post as soon as i get a camera.

    June 4th 2010
    Well 4 turkeys hatched 5 days ago and 3 of my ducks are laying on 50 eggs between them. Got 15 new baby chicks too. Life is good.

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