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Silver Foxs Page

By Silver Fox · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Silver Fox
    Pine pellets seem to work better than wood shavings

    Chick's first day out in the backyard

    Brooder made from an old moving box

    Timmy, our 4 mo old Chiwinni puppy loves the new chicks

    Old water tank that I'm converting into a coop
    Years worth of old branches and lil pieces of lumber that needs to go. What were they thinking?
    Hey you girls are getting big!
    CHANGE OF PLANS; I'm not going to use the old water tank. Too many issues, so instead I'm converting a plywood shed into the coop.It already had a great roof so all I needed to add was a little paint, wood shavings, air vents, and electricity. Pics to follow.

    1st day of turning this old shed into the girls new coop. There were just too many issues with the water tank.

    Much more room than in thr brooder. They can actually run and 'fly' (?) in here.

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