Silver Polish Chickens

By rollkeeg877 · Dec 5, 2012 · ·
  1. rollkeeg877
    i have silver polish chickens along with golds to but i love my silvers they haven't started laying yet but I'm really looking forward to it i got a pair of them last year and made some babies but not many i only got one hen this year so I'm waiting for her to lay

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  1. shawnm2639
    If you don't mind I am curious about your polish This is my first time raising them and I really do enjoy them so sweet and entertaining but I ended up with three roosters and two hens they are 6 months old ( I am trying to find homes for two of the roo's ) my rooster hasn't crowed yet. Can you tell me how old my roo will be when he crows? Also, these roosters don't seem to be as agressive as the breeds I am familiar with they don't seem to compete for the hens.

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