Within The Shadows Of Chicken Raising: A Look Into The Lives Of New Chicken Owners

Welcome to the most cutest and amazing pets you will ever see. That is the sentiment we all shared three months ago. I didnt know what to expect when I saw a box being handed to me. What was I to expect inside. A new vacuum? Well if I had been smart perhaps I would have noted it wasnt a vacuum box but a power washers box. What was my mother bringing this time I thought to myself. And there she set it down. Told me to look inside and out popped four little feathery heads. I didnt know what to think. I should be used to feathery heads since we had many parakeets come and go and be born here before.

I guess you could say I didnt expect it to be what it turned out to be. Oh my I thought well its going to be a challenge. And little did I know I could forsee the future. It has been wonderful and yet it also has been hard. But I realized that nothing is ever easy. Pets need constant love and affection as well as care. Where I failed before to properly do I could regain doing more so for these four little ones. They arent so little anymore. Like parents and their kids you watch them grow day by day, interact with the world around them. You watch them discover their new home, new bugs to eat, play with one another. And do the so called dirt bath. Oh how they loved doing that together.
From one day to the next these four got so big. Even our littlest one wasnt a baby anymore. So coming to realize that they werent little anymore didnt help me to understand that it also meant their behavior. Watching our black ones attack her sibling scare me. It frustrates me to see her constantly get hurt. Its just heartbreaking seeing her all alone in the cage. Surely her buff sibling would keep her company. But after a while I guess she conciders her a bore. Spends most of her time with the bad girls. I dont know what will happen but I know I wont give up and allow more hurting to commense even if its normal for them to fight. I cant imagine my life without those once sweet faces, even if so closely to my last parakeets death...B2 was so close in days to their arrival here. I wouldnt want to give away let alone have the two mean girls for dinner. I know how that news feels and it isnt easy. So here goes our newest journey into the chicken world. Much like the Ricardo's And the Mertz we await new eggs and whole new adventures. Perhaps once the coop is finished things will settle down. In the meantime here go my own adventures into so called 'parent' hood and my first time outs =o)B.