Six Chicken Littles

By babycat12 · Apr 8, 2013 ·
  1. babycat12
    We got these little six darlings at the local feed store on March 3. We have never had chickens before, but always wanted to. I knew I would love them, but never imagined HOW MUCH I would love them. We named them Bella, Sofia, Miss Peeps, Halo, Rio, and Lacey. We have no idea what kind they are, I think it said at the feed store what their breed is, but honestly, we don't care. We just picked out the cutest ones and the ones that "looked at me" as my 8 year old daughter says. They are still in the house for now, but we are planning to move them out to their new coop next week (complete with their very own "chicken coop name sign!).. My favorite thing about our new family is when I let them out to play... they run out of their pen as fast as they can, and sit on my lap, my shoulder, my head! They are adorable and we adore them! Thanks for your great website, we have learned so much!

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