Well, we started 1 1/2 years ago and I just figured out how to upload images. So here is our current setup


here are the stars of the attraction

these are the fearless urban chicken wranglers

after a hard days work

Finally the reward!

As with all coops ours is ever changing. Keeping a small flock has been interesting and fulfilling. We raised our first 3 RIR's from 3 day old chicks and one turned out to be a roo. We re-homed him after he started crowing but he didn't fair to well in his new environment
. A few months later we had the opportunity to rescue Gitara. An incredibly sweet Barred Rock hen that was about 4 1/2months old. She was with us a few months until she had an altercation with a family members' puppy. Infection took hold of her wounds and she passed
. Then a couple of months later we made the decision to increase our flock to 4! We acquired 2 more 4 month old RIR pullets (or so we thought). Turns out they are actually Brown Shaver Hens. Cool with us because we like the way they look. As things change I will try to update. Thanks for looking