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    Skyline Farm's Swap Page
    Unlimited Supply Items (Offered Continuously)
    1 Box of Fertile Chicken Eggs:
    6+ LF Salmon Faverolles Eggs - Large Fowl Salmon Faverolles. I have 2 Roosters over 11 Hens. Fertility has been excellent. Your eggs will be collected no earlier than the day before shipment.
    6+ Bearded D'uccle Bantam Eggs - These eggs come from a mixed-color pen of Mille Fleur, Splash "Golden Neck", and Black Mottled. There are a lot of possible color patterns that will come out of this pen.

    3 Bars of Homemade Soap, 5oz. Each
    A 5oz. bar will last approximately 2-3 weeks of use. It is recommended to use these bars directly on your skin, not with a wash cloth.
    The added exfoliants will scrub your skin and leave it clean and fresh.

    Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Scented Goat's Milk Soap. (Lightly Scented)

    $10+ Worth of Locally-Produced Salsa and Barbecue Sauces
    Choose three of the following products.
    Triggers Peach Salsa, Triggers Pineapple Salsa, Triggers Black Bean Salsa, Triggers Garden Salsa, Triggers Barbecue Sauce, Creekers Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce, Creekers Original BBQ Sauce, Creekers Alabama White Chicken BBQ Sauce, Creekers Slaw Slurry (Coleslaw Dressing), Creekers Original Dry Rub, Phil's Dream Pit Sweet Fire BBQ Sauce, Phil's Dream Pit Original Sweet BBQ Sauce.

    A $15 Amazon, Best Buy, Bath and Body Works, or Yankee Candle Gift Card

    Limited-Supply Items (Offered Until Gone)
    1 NEW IN BOX (Unused) Pour-On Invermectin

    1 "Starter Kit" Soap Making Supplies:
    - Fragrance Oils (2oz Honeysuckle, 1oz Oatmeal Milk & Honey)
    - Silicone Guest-Soap Mold
    - 2lb Tray of Clear Soap Base

    1 "Starter Kit" Candle Making Supplies:
    - Fragrance Oils (2oz Dragon's Blood, 2oz Orchid Rain)
    - Colorant
    - Small Pack of Wicks
    - Used Pack of Soy Wax (1/2 to 3/4 of it Left)

    Terrain-Building Art Supplies: (Such as for Model Trains) (Choose 3 Items)
    All of these supplies have been opened and/or lightly used from.
    - Trees "Learning Kit" (This one counts as 2 items)
    - 2 Pre-Assembled Trees
    - Pack of Foliage Fiber Clusters
    - Scenic Cement (Approximately 8oz Left in Bottle)
    - Spray Bottle for Scenic Cement
    - 1/2 of a Pint Jar of of Grass Terrain
    - 3/4 of a Pint Jar of Small Gravel Terrain
    - Fist-Sized Amount of "Purple Flower Terrain Grass"
    - Small Bag of 3"-Long Grass
    - Mini Hob-e-Tac Adhesive Bottle

    Assorted Horse Tack: (Choose 1 Item)
    - 4-3/4" Large Pony Snaffle Bit
    - 5" Sweet Iron with Copper Inlay Snaffle Bit
    - Red Newborn Halter &
    Red Weanling Halter
    - Pair of Front Horse Boots (Black)
    - Black Neoprene Western Saddle Girth
    All-Purpose English White Saddle Pad

    7 Horse Magazines Of Your Choice:
    I have plenty more than what is in these two photos.
    - Arabian Horse World 2004-2007
    - Paso Fino Horse World 2008-2014

    Random Items:
    - Mini Cast Iron Teapot with Strainer Insert. Approximately 4" tall. Great for a single serving of tea! Will include a bag of loose green tea.
    - 100-Piece Breyer Wild Horse Puzzle + Two 4" Tall Breyer Stablemates, the one on the left is a custom model signed by the artist.
    - KISS Guide to Caring for your Horse Book +
    The Book of Horses and Horse Care, Hardback
    - Cloud, Wild Stallion of the Rockies Hardback Book + The Life of Horses Hardback Book with Photography by Bob Langrish.


    Swaps I Owe:
    6+ Faverolles Eggs to NeseO (March 18)(*Send April 6th)

    Swaps Owned to Me:
    Baklava from NeseO (March 18)

    I am interested in trading for the following:
    Homemade Goods - Soap, Lotion, Scrubs, Etc. Anything $10-15 in value.
    Hatching Eggs - Bantam Ameraucana (White, Black, or Lavender), Bearded D'uccle, Bearded Silkie, Gold Campine, Gold Lakenvelder.

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