My Treasure

I have always loved animals. My parents aren't as fond of them as I am, so I haven't had too many pets in my life yet. We have two cats because my mom finally grew tired of my dad not letting us get any pets. When I was younger I always wanted a puppy. I knew that if I would have gotten a puppy I would have taken care of it. My parents would use the excuse that I don't take care of the catsand they are always having to clean the cat boxes. What always bothered me was that I had never asked for cats. I didn't want a kitten. I wanted a puppy. Eventually I grew out of the puppy phase and accepted that to get what I wanted I'd have to wait until I lived on my own.
It was in 7th grade that I realized how much I loved chickens. My science class did a project on them. We studied the life of chickens and our student teacher brought in eggs. We were able to take care of the peeps and hold them when they hatched. I just thought they were fascinating creaters. Years went by and chickens just became my favorite animals. I would go on youtube and watch videos of people with their chickens. If I was at a fair and they had a petting zoo I'd go feed them. All of my friends and family thought it was funny how much I loved chickens. I actually drew a character that I named Spanky. He (yes he) was a white chicken (defying laws of anotomics) that resembled the chicken from the restuarant Chick Filet.
Chickens are my favorite animals. I could spend hours with them. I own one bantam chicken. Her name is Tesoro (Tessi). She's a one eyed darling. My mother was very supportive of my love of chickens, but my father was quite displeased when my cousin bought Tessi for me for Christmas. He built her a coop in our basement because it's currently too cold outside for bantam chickens. By spring I'll start building an outside coop.