By sljack2006 · Apr 18, 2014 · ·
  1. sljack2006
    I'm new here and love this website!
    Could someone please tell me which egg layers do best with silkies? I want to get two for egg production but don't want to risk my silkies being picked on by a dominant, larger breed.
    Than you all!

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  1. sljack2006
    Thank you crazyfeathers! Its funny that you say that because 2 of my silkies are getting an "interesting" personality! They do not want to be held and the one comes right up to me with "the eye" when I am petting one of the other more docile ones. I'm thinking Princess Peach might be Prince Peach! I ended up with 3 red and 1 white sex link from TSC. All of my reads are feathering differently so definitely are not all the same mix. They are all nice birds. At TSC you have to buy in groups so I also got a Brahma bantam, an easter egger bantom and a seabright bantom. I havent integrated the two groups yet, one is a week younger. Do you think my silkies will be mean?
  2. crazyfeathers
    My silkies are about 5 weeks old and they are already the bosses of the hen house. They are not afraid to pick on a hen 10 times it's size the question should be what breed can you get that the silkies won't pick on lol. Maybe my silkies are different from yours as mine are bullies lol. Good luck

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