Hello from Walker county Alabama!We're an hour to Birmingham, a little more to Tupelo MS, hour south of Muscle Shoals and about 3 hours to Nashville. Doing what we can, where we can with what we have which isn't a great deal of land (someday!!!) - restricting us to gardens, poultry and rabbits.
Custom raised layers/pullets for those wanting a small number of hens for eggs; point of lay or 4-6 months insures no crowing for the neighbors.
Heritage breed foundations started ~ SlowMoneyFarm.com - we're on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube too!
Have but upgrading Australorps, Rhode Island Red, Dominiques, Barred Rocks, Buckeye, Buff Orpington, Muscovy (we're working on it! Some need to mature!) Also Seabrights (gold and silver), brown leghorn and Anconas trios we'll be building up for this year but probably will be 2012 before anything for sale.
We don't show - at least not yet! Trying to work towards (as with rabbits) beautiful, functional birds. We are on NPIP (number is pending). Have dealt with NPIP hatcheries for foundation stock.
Wanted: Sussex (all varieties), Delaware, Cornish (dark & red/white laced), Ancona ducks, Welsh Harlequin. turkey, Bourbon Red, Narragansett & Royal Palm turkey.
If you're attending the Crossroads nationals in Indiana and have Sussex, blue Silkies, Delaware especially we'd like to talk. Would also be interested in cockerels of RIR, Dominique, Buckeye, Australorp.
Also have giant Chinchilla rabbits.