Small Chicken Farm Girl

By crgodschild · Sep 11, 2012 · ·
  1. crgodschild
    Describe 'Small chicken farm girl' here;
    I live in Checotah, ok and I have two chickens 6 dogs and 3 cats. I was raised around cattle and horses but now that i am grown up I am trying to gather a little farm for myself it is a slow process I have recently went back to school to be a photographer with a bachelor's degree I have always loved and enjoyed animals but it is costly too so i have to learn to budget every thing that I have. I have a husband and 4 boys to help with the animals but I still have to do allot my self and I am learning a little about how to raise these animals as I go. I am hoping to get a pig next they are so cut and ac funny two.

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  1. crgodschild
    Alright I have a question for ya'll I have a chicken that we cant figure out she laid two eggs and now she wont lay anymore she cackels allot almost if she is talking to you but she has also started crowing and she has been strutting her stuff since she was just a little chick can enyone help me figure out whats wrong.

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