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By smccolm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. smccolm
    The Chicken Taj Mahal was a gift from Steve McColm (i.e. Loverboy) to his wife Denni. The Taj Mahal includes a sun porch and arbor along with a special access for the resident cat (wild kitty).
    The Taj Mahal is home to 3 buff orpingtons, 3 black sexlinks, 3 silver-laced wyandottes, 3 rhode island reds, 1 red sexlink and two beautiful roosters.
    Wild Kitty lives with the chickens. She has one special chicken friend that she rubs and loves on more than the others, but gets along well with all of them. We will find her snuggled into a nest box occasionally, but she normally prefers living under the main chicken house.

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