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Smileybritchess Page

  1. smileybritches
    ok here we go...
    we live on the beautiful mississippi gulf coast. i am from here my partner is from one of those really cold states. we have 3 acreas,9 dogs,6 cats,3 fish,15 chickens,1 mother(mine)and her dog. she came to live on our property after katrina--this is what she had left. it was an interesting time to say the least. katrina015.jpg she built a small house up here with us. PA150006.jpg so far we haven't killed each other, although there has been moments. now you have to understand the house building didn't happen right away, she lived in a small camper in our yard for months. we were in a small camper also, everyone with no power---for weeks.to be continued.....

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