Smith Hill Cottage

  1. Smith Hill Cottage
    Smith Hill Cottage
    1,700' above sea level
    Western Massachusetts, The Berkshires
    My First Flock: 5/10/12 from McMurtry, innoculated mixed breeds, Americauna, Buff Orpington, Black Star, Red Star, Silver Spangled Hamburg, Minorca, Rhode Island Red, Blue Lace Wyandotte; two roosters

    New coop 8' X 8', lino floor, good air flow, next boxes, pitched roof, water heater for winter, hanging feeders, pine shavings on floor and in boxes changed weekly
    Flock outside 7 a.m. to whenever they return coop; outside run 20' X 35' fenced and wired sides and top, with small corner shed covering for rain/snow

    Feeding unmedicated
    Supplement w/ lettuce, other greens, some cabbage, summer cherry tomato occ.
    As of 12/19/12, production 12 to 14 eggs daily from 23 hens

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