Well, Irene is just hours away and we've been scrambling to batton down the hatches.
I have 19 hens and a rooster and no room in the garage. However, when my husband built the coop, he used 4"x4"s cemented deep into the ground. While other chicken owners around us have lost some to predators, our coop is more like Fort Knox with heavy-gauge, small-framed wire and have not lost any to predators. The main coop area raised 2 feet off the ground, so I think they're going to be fairly safe when we lock them in.
I don't know if the hens will go to the coop when the winds start up, but I would think they would for safety's sake. If they don't, I guess we'll just put them in there and lock it up. There is sufficient ventilation. I don't think they'll want to eat or drink during the storm, but will probably just ride it out. I hope so. My only real concern are the pine trees that surround them. While I don't think the pines are quite long enough to hit the house, they could certainly crush the coop, as strong as it is. Prayers are much welcome!
I will let you know what happens. Perhaps some pics to show the aftermath?