I started with chickens on August 23, 2011 - the day of the East coast earthquake. I rescued a stray chicken - Gladys, a BSL. Here she is on her first day:

We were trying to catch her in front of my cousin's house.
Then I learned about chicken math, and how you can't have only one chicken. So I ordered day old chicks, who arrived a month later.

That's Wanda (BR) on the left, Aretha (BA) in the middle and Shirley (GC) on the right.
Well, of course, chicks don't count and Gladys was getting cranky outside by herself, so a fellow BYCer offered me a RIR who was approximately 2 weeks younger than Gladys. We traveled out to Ridge in the dark of night and Agatha joined our little feathered family.
Here she is, making friends on the night she arrived:

So here we are, several coop expansions later, with our mini-flock of free-range chickens.

In the last few days, Gladys has blossomed, and we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first egg. I hope to post THAT picture soon!
*After writing the above words, I went out to check the nest box and this is what I found:

We're so proud of our Gladys!!
On Christmas morning, Agatha (who obviously has a flair for the dramatic) left us her first egg:

Gladys has been pretty steadily laying an egg a day, and Agatha is getting into the same groove.