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By smoothmule · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. smoothmule
    Five Hills Farm

    We're located in the Ozarks region of southwest Missouri and we have a regular little farm here. Both my husband and myself work so we're not a self sustained farm, we just take a lot of pleasure in having fresh eggs from our chickens, a tick free yard courtesy of the guineas with horses, mules and exotic colored ponies. The llama's are only here for me to hug but they surprise me with a cria from time to time. Our 4 dogs serve multiple roles as entertainment, guardians, blood pressure lowering therapy and exersize pals. Bobby, The cat, rules over us all.

    At this time, my poultry projects are Serama's, true Araucana's, Sebastopol geese and Black Spanish Turkeys.

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